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(+966) - 59-4138383


Nasser Abdurrahman Abdullah Al-Wohaibi

Residence: Riyadh City, Saudi Arabia

  • Phone: (+966)-59-4138383
  • Email:
  • Languages: Arabic & English


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals              

Bachelor of Science - College of Computer Science and Engineering

Computer Science Degree


Python for Scientists and Engineers


Data Science and Big Data Analytics



Intel Business Challenge (1st place, KSA, 2013)

The Intel Business Challenge (IBC-MENA) is the gateway to Intel® Global Challenge, a joint project of Intel® Corporation and the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship at UC Berkeley organized since 2005 , brings together the best engineers and scientists from around the world to present how they plan to make the world a better place through their innovations and entrepreneurial skills



Communications and Information Technology Commission

2012  CITC. Saudi Arabia, Present.

Leading in the sector of Information Technology.

Alolom: Sciences&Businesses inc.

2011  alolom. Partner, Saudi Arabia. Present.

Cutting-edge IT Research & Devlopment.

SABIC: Sabic Shared Services

2011  SABIC. Saudi Arabia.

Worked on implementing and maintaining SAP Business Intelligence reports and budgeting/planning consolidation for Sabic businesses. Work were heavily based on tools like IBM Cognos8 and SAP Crystal Reports.

NSN: Nokia-Siemens Networks

2010  NSN. Saudi Arabia, Less than a year.

Worked on the fair-usage-policy system for Zain telecommunication company one of NSN main customers at the time. Also worked different tools on big data analysis to detect errors and possible issues on log data sourced from 3G/2G towers across KSA.


Mesbar مسبار

Lead the implementation of a Big-data analysis and mining of terabytes-scale access-logs, relational databases dumps, and text files. Technical Specs [Python(Numpy, Pandas, PyTables, and Blaze), Map and Reduce, JS/HTML5, and RDBMS]. screenshot

Crawler متصفح

Indexing and Analysis of 5000 Internet websites per day with full site screengrab. [Headless Webkit automation]. screenshot

Monther منذر

Lead the implementation of a novel approach to a rule-based system of dynamic alerts and notifications in the server-side. It is an IF-THIS-THEN-THAT for any change in the data store of the system. Technical Specifications [Python web app(JSON API Back-end), JS/HTML5(Front-end), and RDBMS] screenshot

Mo'alej مُعالج

Streamlined Ticket processing system for a productive and efficient handling of public requests. Technical Specifications [Python web app(JSON API Back-end), JS/HTML5(Front-end), and RDBMS] screenshot

Reports and Dashboards

Business Intelligence insights on the historical/current performance of the system users. Technical Specifications: -ETL jobs -Caching(client+server side) -Data modeling -Dashboards Design and implementation screenshot

Data Patterns

Real-Time manipulation of Data Patterns using user-input patterns in manipulation of real-time data.

Stocks Vis, Price and Vol

Tadawul Stock Exchange visualization for Mobily Stock [7020] all history with annotations. screenshot

Stocks Vis, Price, Vol, and Change

Tadawul Stock Exchange visualization for Mobily Stock [7020] daily history with annotations for an incident. screenshot

Data Vis.

King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center [KAPSARC] project interactive data visualization. screenshot


Image Processing

Real time visualization of CAPTCHA image creation. (Click here.)



Interactive GeoSpatial visualization and analysis. screenshot 1, screenshot 2, screenshot 3, screenshot 4, screenshot 5.


CSP Instructor Tool

A Java Applet to simulate and visualize different AI algorithms to color the map of Arabia. (Click here.)

Side-Projects [not updated]

Aldallal real-estate market -

2012 Bringing the trusted real-estate market online.

  • Partner: Investor.
  • Team: Scattered

A gathering of the largest real-estate entities to bring their market to the virtual world. With the latest technologies of the Web, ranging from HTML5, AJAX, Cloud Services, and even GPS and a backing investment of over half a million SR. With this was born, to serve as the first heading of the real-estate market of the gulf region. I am proud to be in a position to have lead a great team of engineers to accomplish one of the most successful and sophisticated web application in the Arab world. For more information please visit the project's website:

Arabic Captcha Framework - ArCaptcha

2011 Senior Project -BS of Computer Science.

  • Partner: Abdulaziz Al-Mogarri.
  • Sponsor: Dr. Lahouari Ghouti
  • Advisor: Dr. Wasfi Al-Khatib

The project is a framework that uses Arabic letters to generate Arabic CAPTCHAs that remove the necessity to use foreign languages by Arabic speakers in Arabic web services. The system is a web based service accompanied with administrative tools for developers and websites where it provides the means to produce Arabic CAPTCHAs that are usable, simple, and human-only-readable. For more information please visit the project's website: ArCaptcha. Screenshot.

Nasser Al-Wohaibi — — (+966) - 59-4138383